Corporate donations


For Stores, Designers & Manufactures

Download the BULK Donation Form here.

Donating under 4 gowns. Sponsor pays shipping.  

Please download form and include with your donation package.  

Donating 5 to 9 gowns.  We will pay for shipping!

Please email us the donation form and we will email you back a shipping label!

Donating over 10 gowns. Full service! 

(We will pick up the gowns at your location, and help with everything that goes into the removal of the gowns, such as packing, etc. )

Please email us the donation form and a representative will contact you to help  coordinate the logistics.  Note: If we have already picked up gowns in your region, we will email you the shipping label (s) and arrange pickup times with shipping company.

If you have any questions please call us at  (956) 370-5060  or email us at