Donation Questions

1-Why should I consider donating my gown?

-The percentage of future generations walking down the aisle with their mother’s wedding gown is very small, since the majority cannot wait to get their hands in the latest gown styles, and the cost associated with preservation, professional cleaning, and alterations are high, and can well be over $1,000.00. A gown is way too beautiful to sit and take up considerable space in your closet. PLUS, you can be reassured, that when you donate your gown, other less fortunate women are being empowered to change their life, and those around them!

2- How can I donate my wedding gown and or accessories?

You can donate your gown or accessories if they are 3 years or newer, slightly worn and in near perfect condition. 

We also take Vintage or Antique (20 years or older). 

Please download this Donation Form fill out and include with your donation package. 

For BULK donations Please email us at

Due to our limited floor space, we are not taking any gowns older than 3 yrs and newer than 20 yrs. If your gown is in this year range please email us a photo and information on your dress to see if we can accept it to


3. What benefits do I get from donating my gown?

Other than the rewarding feeling of helping others in need, you can be reassured that your donation is making a difference. Best of all, when you donate your gown to us, you will receive a Tax Exemption Receipt (within 8 weeks) which can be used to take a tax deduction for your contribution to the full extent allowed by law . 

Talk to your Tax Agent to determine your donation value. 

 4. What is the best way to ship my gown to you?

Please fit your gown in the smallest box possible. (If it was preserved, remove it from the box so it is lighter in weight)  
USPS has the best rates, which will depend on the size of the box, weight and location.  

Shipping can be around $10.00 to $30.00 

 5. Who pays for shipping?

-Sponsors donating are responsible for paying shipping when donating 1 to 4 gowns.

-Donating 5 to 9 gowns -  We will pay shipping  (we will email you a shipping label)

-Donating over 10 gowns - We will pick up gowns at the sponsors location. 

 6. What happens with my gown after you get it?

First it is added to our inventory log, it is then checked, cleaned and fixed (if needed) lastly it is taken into our resale boutique where it will be offer for sale.  

7- Who benefits from the sale of a gown? 

Gowns for a Cause gives employment to women in need and escaping from abuse, we donate gowns to women that can  not afford one on their spacial day, such as prom and their wedding day. 

We also financially support other non profit organizations focused in helping women.

When a woman buys a gown, she is giving HOPE to another less fortunate woman, Empowering her to change her life and those around her.

About 90% of our net income goes directly to helping other charities.  

8- I don't have a gown to donate, but how can I still help your cause?

While the majority of our sponsors donate gowns, others give a monetary donation.  You can mail a check payable to Gowns for a Cause to 224 East University Drive, Edinburg, TX 78539 or you can DONATE NOW!,


1- What sizes and what designers do you carry?

0-28 and we carry a variety of designers from all over the world!

2- How and where do I buy a gown?

You can buy our gowns off the rack in our boutique. Or if you are looking for a particular gown email us the specifics of the gown to and if we have it you can buy it online and we will ship it anywhere in the US.

3- What is your price range?

Our gowns start at just $99.00 averaging $500.00 and as high as $2,000.00

Our gowns are discounted up to 90% off retail prices! 

4- Are the gowns used or new?

A small percentage of our gowns are slightly used but in near perfect condition. The majority of our gowns are new! They are either samples, overstock or discontinued gowns.

5- Do I need to make an appointment?

It is best if you make an appointment to try on our gowns, to insure that we reserve a fitting room. However, you can browse our inventory and if a fitting room is available, you can try them on. 


6- How can I know if you have the dress and size i am looking for?

We carry hundreds of gowns and there is a good chance we may have the gown you are looking for,  please email us the information on your gown and phone number, on the subject put: Looking for a gown


It will take us at least 3 working days to go over all our inventory and let you know if we have it or not.

7- Do you offer alterations?

  We don't offer alterations on-site, but have a list of recommended seamstresses that are professional in the bridal industry that will gladly assist you with anything your gown may need!

8- What form of payments do you accept? 

All major credit cards and cash.

9- How many guest can I bring to my appointment? 

Please keep in mind that our boutique seating is limited to 2 guest per customer.